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Ground Mounted Solar Plant

We provide the services of installing large-scale ground mounted solar PV plant to sell electricity to utility companies or third party through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). The difference between Rooftop and Ground mounted plants is that Rooftop plants range from small to medium capacities from a few kWs to usually less than a MW. Whereas Ground-mounted Plants are from 1 MW to 100+ MW. Conceptually, both rooftop mounted small plants and ground mounted large plants generate solar power in a similar manner, and in both cases, the solar power is converted from DC to AC by an inverter.
However, rooftop solar energy is mostly used for personal consumption whereas the electricity generated from ground mounted large plants is used for the purpose of transmitting through the electricity grid to be used in many different places. In most of the cases energy generated from large-scale ground mounted plants are sold to Government, Utility companies and Industries.

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